Sudan President Decrees General Amnesty to Opponents

Published June 21st, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Sudanese President Omar Bashir has decreed a general unconditional amnesty to all government opponents inside and outside Sudan, along with the release of all political prisoners and detainees, it was announced in Khartoum Wednesday. 

The pardon benefits every Sudanese, military or civilian, who has committed any illegal act or has illegally refrained from discharging a duty during the period between June 30th, 1989 and the date of this decree, according to the official SUNA news agency. 

General Bashir led a bloodless coup against the civilian government on June 30th, 1989, and it seems that the decree was meant to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the coup. 

The decree defines illegal acts as rebellion, mutiny, agitation, and instigation of war against the state or an attempt to undermine the constitution, whether the acts have been committed inside or outside Sudan. 

It stipulates that a person who has committed such an act outside Sudan can benefit from this pardon on the condition of voluntarily returning home, declaring observance of the Constitution and laws and repudiating violence. 

The decree prevents legal action against any person who has committed any of the acts specified in the decree during the past 11 years. It also drops any legal actions that have been taken by any court or para-judicial authority. 

Anyone serving imprisonment or detention for any of the stipulated acts will be set free in compliance with this presidential decree, SUNA said. 

No figure of political prisoners and detainees is available, as officials have always denied that there are such people in Sudanese prisons - KHARTOUM (AFP) 


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