Sulayem in Paris to vote for Todt as FIA President

Published October 20th, 2009 - 09:50 GMT
Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE) President Mohammed Ben Sulayem left for Paris yesterday to cast his vote in favour of Jean Todt for President of the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) in elections that will be held on October 23.
Having worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to drum up support for Todt ahead of the ballot, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region, Sulayem, who is also seeking re-election as Vice President of the FIA for Sport, reiterated his earlier stance that he believes Todt’s credentials make him the logical choice to step into outgoing President Max Mosley’s shoes.
“He (Todt) understands the problems that motor sport is facing and has a clear strategy to tackle them, including making the necessary changes to the structure of the FIA and giving the regions a chance to play a bigger part in its development,” Sulayem said, adding: “And I am convinced that he also fully recognises the importance of the Middle East to motor sport, and will ensure that this region is strongly represented at the top level.”
Sulayem agreed with his Bahraini counterpart, BMF President Sheikh Abdulla Bin Isa Al Khalifa who while also endorsing Todt’s candidature had said his priority when identifying a preferred candidate was to ensure that he had a clear vision for the sustainable development of motorsport, including at grassroots level, a deep understanding of the global policy agenda for motor users and manufacturers alike, as well as a defined programme for advancing the structures of the FIA and firm commitment to reflecting the role that individual regions had to play in the FIA’s development.
Apart from demonstrating these values, Todt and his team brings along with them a wealth of experience needed to guide the FIA in trying times, Sulayem said while reiterating: “I have known Ari for many years and have enormous respect for him and for everything he has achieved as a rally driver, and as a member of the European Parliament, but Todt’s credentials make him the logical choice to take up the FIA Presidency.”
Full members who have paid their annual dues are eligible to vote at the FIA General Assembly.
Each of the 132 countries where the FIA is represented receives a maximum two votes, one mobility and one sport (a small number of countries have only either sport or mobility competence and therefore receive one vote).
In countries where there is one club covering mobility and sport, that club will have two votes.
In countries where there is more than one club representing mobility, the vote is decided by a majority decision between those clubs.
Apart from the FIA President and his team, elections will also be held for the World Council for Automobile, Mobility, and Tourism (WCAMT) and the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC).
Each World Council is composed of 26 members.
For the WCAMT, the FIA President and FIA Deputy President for Automobile, Mobility, and Tourism are members by right, the additional 24 members are nominated by the FIA’s Mobility Regions. Region I is entitled to 11 members, Region II six members, Region III four members, and Region IV three members.
For the WMSC, the FIA President, the FIA Deputy President for Sport, the President of the International Karting Commission, the President of the Promotional Entity for the Formula One Championship and the President of the FIA Manufacturers' Commission are members by right, the additional 21 members are elected from a list of nominations received from FIA National Sporting Authorities.
The election for President is conducted by secret ballot with votes counted by the FIA’s legal department overseen by nominated observers from the FIA’s General Assembly.
The winner of the election is the candidate with either an absolute majority in a first round of voting or a simple majority from the top two lists which would be put through to a second round.
There are only two candidates for post of President – Jean Todt and Ari Vatanen.

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