Sybase Middle East hosts the renowned Kimball University

Published October 14th, 2009 - 11:54 GMT

Sybase Middle East has announced that it will host the renowned Kimball University Data Warehouse Lifecycle Course in Dubai from the 26th –29th October 2009. The intensive four-day course, taught by Kimball University professionals Margy Ross and Warren Thornthwaite, provides practical techniques on a focused range of data warehousing and business information subject matter. Course contents include data warehouse lifecycles, project planning/management, dimensional modeling, data warehousing (DW) and business intelligence (BI) system check-ups, technical architectural design, product selection and installation, extract/transformation/load (ETL) processes, and BI applications and deployment. 

The course is designed to provide practical tools and techniques to data modelers, DW and BI professionals, and enterprise information managers, empowering them to successfully implement DW/BI projects from inception through to deployment.

According to Ralph Kimball, founder of Kimball University and well known thought leader in the field of data warehousing, “Our Data Warehouse Lifecycle in Depth course is relentlessly practical. At the end of this course you will understand the specific steps of building a data warehouse, not just the “vocabulary.” I have worked closely with your course instructors, Margy and Warren, for more than 25 years, designing enterprise data warehouses, writing books, and teaching design classes. We were all co-authors of the Lifecycle Toolkit book which serves as the foundation for the course and has sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide. There’s no doubt that Margy and Warren know the material!”
“An organization’s ability to achieve analytical excellence is determined by the timeliness and quality of all available data. Now, the timeframes are shorter, the datasets are increasing rapidly and the level of sophistication demanded by users has never been great. Attendees of this Kimball course will learn from leading authorities; how a robust data warehouse environment, built not just for today, but with the scalability for future needs can deliver this analytical excellence,” comments Mr. Tony Achkar, General Manager at Sybase Products Middle East. “Sybase is proud to host the inaugural Kimball University course in the Middle East.”

The Sybase-hosted course will be taught by Kimball Group president Margy Ross and business consultant/educator Warren Thornthwaite.  With Ralph Kimball, Ms Ross co-authored The Data Warehouse Toolkit, the Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (2nd Edition), the authoritative guide to data warehousing principles and techniques.  For more than twenty years, Margy has focused on decision support and data warehousing, and is a specialist in business requirement analysis and dimensional modeling.  Mr Thornthwaite has thirty years of practical experience in building data warehousing systems and has extensive knowledge in solutions development.  

The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Course is designed to meet the quickly changing requirements faced by DW/BI project managers.  The course prepares managers, DB architects, data modelers, and applications developers to design, build, and maintain practical DW/BI solutions.  Course content and instruction benefits attendees by allowing them to ask specific questions regarding current projects, helping to minimize costly development errors.  Attendees will also increase DW/BI skills through instruction in world-classed DW methodologies. Finally, attendees will have the option to attend an overview of world-leading Sybase data modeling solutions including Sybase IQ, PowerDesigner, and Industry Warehouse Studio. 

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