Syria’s Jews Pay Respects at Assad’s Grave

Published June 14th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Damascus -- 


A delegation of Syrian Jews arrived Wednesday at Kerdaha, where the late president Hafez Assad is buried, to pay their respects and offer condolences to his family. The delegation was headed by the chief of the community, Khader Kabariti. 

Meanwhile, the Jewish community in Damascus were still receiving condolences in a synagogue dedicated for this purpose east of Damascus. 

In an interview with Tuesday, Kabariti said that his community leads a peaceful life in Syria and is not subject to any kind of harassment or discrimination. 

In separate interviews, the Jews expressed their grief at the death of the president. 

“We consider Syria as our homeland,” said a lady who lives in the Jews’ Quarter, “the news of the president’s death saddened us tremendously.” 

“The Jews who left Syria for the US, Canada or Israel are nostalgic and wish to come back here,” another lady said, adding that Syrian Jews who live in Israel have problems related to social adaptation.  

There are 200 Jewish families who remained in Damascus. They work as physicians, goldsmith, merchants and owners of antiquities shops, and other rewarding jobs. They have two synagogues: one in Amin Street and the other in Jober, a suburb of Damascus. 

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