Syrian regime lists Geneva opposition delegation as "terrorists," seizes assets

Published February 16th, 2014 - 07:59 GMT

Syria's government has added the Geneva talk's opposition delegates to a "terrorist list" and seized their assets, according to Reuters.

The Justice Ministry issued the memorandum, stipulating the decision to freeze the delegates' assets under a 2012 anti-terrorism law.

It was not until someone leaked the memorandum to the opposition's website,, that the opposition delegation learnt of the decision.

“The regime wants to prove it can get to us personally. In its sick thinking, anyone who opposes it is a traitor and terrorist,” opposition delegate Ahmad Jakal told reporters.

Under the law, many delegates have now also lost their homes. According to one diplomat source, “When (opposition member) Suhair Al Atassi saw her name she realized she had lost her house. A tear dropped from her eye for a moment and she then returned to her combative self."

According to government representatives at the talks, such as delegate Bashar Al Jaafari, the decision to put the opposition representatives on the terrorism list had nothing to do with the Geneva talks. Rather, the government decided to put the names on the list two months before the talks even commenced: “This has nothing to do with the Geneva conference. Whoever refuses to fight terrorism is part of terrorism. You are trying to terrorize me and you won't succeed,” Jaafari lashed out to reporters.  

The decision to put the names of the opposition on Assad's notorious "terrorism list" of at least 1,500 activists and rebels who are opposed to his rule will definitely "antagonize" what is already becoming stalemated negotiations in Geneva between the opposition and the regime.

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