Syria to publish Arab leaders sex films?

Published December 20th, 2011 - 03:11 GMT
Assad and wife
Assad and wife

The revolution, which is now taking place in Syria, is not just a political revolution. It seems it will bring with it revelations about the scandalous life style of some Arab leaders and princes. Bouthaina Shaaban – Syrian presidential adviser and senior government minister has reportedly threatened Arab rulers to expose their sexual scandals by publishing video clips which will indicate \their intimate preferences.

This threat was made amid the tough position adopted by some Arab leaders against Bashar Assad's regime. According to some reports, Shaaban hinted that the Syrian intelligence holds a number of films recorded by hidden cameras in hotels and houses rented to some senior Arab officials in Syria with the aim of blackmailing them.

It is known that Syrian regime agents have traditionally used to install cameras and tapping equipment inside rooms and houses in order to follow the private life of senior Arab officials. The films were used to pressurize these officials and turn them a source of information for the Syrian regime on developments in the region.

Reports about Arab leaders "starring" in embarrassing sexual films have not been new since the eruption of the Arab Spring revolts. Earlier this year, an Egyptian newspaper published a news report titled "Sex tapes of kings and princes prevent the trial of Susan Mubarak." The report said that the ex-Egyptian president's wife will not put on trial after billions of dollars were paid by some kings and princes to the Egyptian military rulers in order to block the publication of these shocking films.


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