Omar: the mysterious poster boy of the Syrian revolution

Published December 17th, 2012 - 01:28 GMT
Omar, the revolutionary toddler
Omar, the revolutionary toddler

Syria's opposition movement is often associated with young burly men in rebel militias, makeshift weapons and fierce fighting. So it comes as quite a surprise that the poster boy for this bloody revolution is a chubby toddler called Omar.

Without resorting to violence - bar a tantrum or two - Omar has become one of Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad's, most formidable opponents. Since pictures surfaced of the revolutionary youngster on popular opposition Facebook page, The New Syria, Assad's adversaries in the Middle East and beyond have looked to Omar as the hopeful face of the uprising. 

The New Syria page has also extended its reach to struggles elsewhere in the world, showing support to Gazans during the conflict with Israel last month and most recently to the victims of last week's tragic school shooting in America. But the issue closest to Omar's heart is the revolution in Syria. 

While Che Guevara donned military garb and a stern expression to become the iconic face of the Cuban Revolution, Omar strikes a less threatening pose in a bubble bath to lead Syria into a new age. 

Whether he's giving the 'peace' sign, kneeling down to pray, or walking down the street, Omar carries his revolutionary message with him wherever he goes. 

SInce pictures began surfacing of the doe-eyed youth, his following has grown by the day.

Facebook fans show their support  by 'sharing,' 'liking' and commenting on photos of the 'revolution kid'. 

"Love you Omar baby may Allah give you a beautiful future n freedom," wrote one Facebook user, while over 100 fans 'liked' a picture of him 'praying for a free Syria'. 

But while Omar's name is becoming synonymous with the Syrian revolution, his true identity remains unknown. 

His chubby cheeks and coy smile might make him instantly recognizable but beyond the name and the face, Omar's life is a mystery. While many suspect he is the son of the creator of The New Syria Facebook page, for a lot of Omar's fans it doesn't matter who he is or where he's come from.

His thousands of adoring followers might never hear him speak or find out his story but like any true revolutionary leader Omar has stolen the hearts and minds of people across Syria and beyond. 


Are you bowled over by Omar? Or is this just another Facebook fad? Tell us what you think below.

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