Syria slams Arabs but extends monitors mission

Published January 24th, 2012 - 02:48 GMT

Syria on Tuesday slammed the Arab League (AL) Council on the ministerial level regarding Syria for calling President Assad to quit. However, Damascus agreed to extend the Arab monitor mission. Syria's Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs, Walid al-Moallem said "We concluded from the report of the observer mission that its content didn't satisfy some of the Arabs who are implanting the stages of the plot against Syria which they agreed upon abroad."

In a press conference held on Tuesday, Minister al-Moallem added " The Arab League bypassed the report despite of that it was the only provision on the last agenda of the Arab foreign ministers."

"The content of the decision taken by the Arab Ministerial Council applies to the saying 'Who misses something can't give it'…They have tried to draw a future for Syria that is very far from the will of the Syrians as if we are a country whose will is usurped, while throughout history, we have been a torch teaching them Arabism and Islam, and we will teach them democracy and pluralism," al-Moallem said .

Al-Moallem added "They replaced the report of the observer mission with a political report that violates the sovereignty of Syria, and they know that we will not accept that…Syria has fulfilled what it has adhered to with regard to the Arab Work Plan and the protocol, and this is what the report of the observers has proven, therefore, they bypassed it…We say to them Syria is a mountain that can't be affected by the wind."

He went on saying "They are not accustomed to practice democracy, and I defy them if there is a constitution in their country similar to the constitution which will be put to referendum in Syria soon…This democratic practice will make Syria a renewable country stronger than ever."

"The solution in Syria is not that which had been issued by the Arab League and which we categorically rejected…The solution is Syrian as it emerges from the interests of the Syrian people and it is based on implementing the comprehensive reform program announced by President Bashar al-Assad and on the national dialogue which Syria has called for as President al-Assad had announced that he is ready to start the dialogue since tomorrow," al-Moallem said.

He continued "The Syrian Government should take the measures it sees as suitable with regard to the gunmen who are wreaking havoc in some areas…the stance of the Syrian leadership towards what Syria is facing inside or outside it is firm and strong,…Syria will deal firmly with the armed terrorist groups."

"Russia will not agree on the foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs and this is a red line…During talks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Michael Bugdanov, I sensed that the Russian stance is solid and no one can question the Russian-Syrian relations as they are very deep-rooted," al-Moallem said.

Al-Moallem added "Since the observer mission came to Syria, the number of the army and law-enforcement martyrs has doubled three folds as the armed groups exploited the existence of the mission…The Syrian Government should accelerate finding decisive solutions to the issues to preserve the safety of the citizens and the stability of Syria…The report of the observer mission has become an official document in our hands, and those who are related to the scheme against Syria don't want al-Dabi to be conscientious."


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