Syria truce violated

Published October 26th, 2012 - 10:15 GMT

The truce in Syria, which only came into force Friday morning, was repeatedly violated. Proposed by the international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi on the occasion of the Muslim feast of Eid al Adha, which lasts until Monday, the cease-fire was accepted by both sides.

After a night of clashes in Aleppo, Damascus and in the west, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR), has conveyed that the country was generally calm in the early hours of Friday before the first incident.

Opponents announced in the morning that three people were killed by fire from tanks or snipers in Harasta, a suburb of Damascus. Rebels in a town north of the country near the border with Turkey said that one of them had been shot by a sniper.

According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR), fighting also resumed between government forces and insurgents around the base of Wadi al Deif, located on the Damascus-Aleppo highway.  

The government forces also fired six rockets at Khalidiya area in Homs (center), injuring two people.

The SOHR, a London-based NGO close to the opposition, said three people were wounded by gunfire from government forces against protesters in a mosque located in Inkhil, a town in the province of Deraa (south).

Other protest rallies in other parts of the province where the uprising against Bashar al-Assad began in March 2011, were dispersed by security forces, said Rami Abdoulrahman, president of the SOHR.

Meanwhile, the Syrian president has appeared on public television while attending prayers of Eid al-Adha at a mosque in Damascus, surrounded by officials.


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