Syrian Writer Wins Award for First Novel

Published February 3rd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Nader Al-Sibai, won the first award in al-Sharjha Competition For Literary Creation for his first novel, The White Wolf (Damascus, 1999).  


Nadar Al-Sibai, who hopes this will be the start of a Syrian trend in novel writing, based his new novel on his own experiences and used a narration format where grandparents are telling fairy tales, according to the Syrian Times daily. The story's main character, Wardeh, follows a path similar to Sheherazade's in Arabian Nights, but has more modern hopes and expectations. 


The story intricately weaves real characters with the fictional ones. The story unfolds in an area between Andalusia and Aleppo, and takes place from the collapse of Granada to the present. 

Nadar Al-Sibai's short stories include Masks Made of Glass, Stars Without Light, The Miserables' Cord, and The Sleepy Jungle

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