Published December 9th, 1999 - 02:00 GMT

Nearly 120 storywriters from 7 nations competed in the 4th contest of the Sheikha Fatema Bint Hazzaa Bin Zayed Award for Arab children's stories in the UAE. But Syrian participants left the greatest impression on the judges, walking away with four of the 10 awards, according to the Syrian Teshreen newspaper.  


The Syrian winners were: Mohammed Marwan Jameel Murad, who won 1st prize for the "Life Eye" Story; Mohammed Mohi El-Dein Mino, who received 2nd prize for the "Seven Divers" Story; Nour El-Dein Al-Hashemy, who placed 3rd for the "Most Valuable" Story; and Faisal Al-Hajali, who won the 6th prize for the "My Banana Tree Friend" Story. All and all, there were 117 storywriters from Egypt, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Iraq and Bahrain. The Emirates Minister of Information, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al-Naheyan, presented the awards to the winners. 

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