Taiwan president visit to US raises China tensions

Published March 30th, 2023 - 11:18 GMT
Taiwan president visit to US raises China tensions
While in New York, Tsai said Taiwan's relation with the U.S. is now "closer than ever."

ALBAWABA - Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen stopover in New York City, before departing to Central America, angered China and raised escalations with U.S., especially with the already-tensed conditions between the two countries.

Tensions escalated between Beijing and Washington, after the president of Taiwan landed in New York City, on Wedneday. Tsai was slated to depart on a 10-day trip to the Central American islands of Guatemala and Belize, before she stopped over at the city.

While in New York, Tsai said Taiwan's relation with the U.S. is now "closer than ever." She maintained "Taiwan cannot be isolated."

The Taiwanese president is expected to stop over, after completing her scheduled trip, in Los Angeles too, amidst news that she will meet with Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy. 

But the expected meeting, which already began to anger China and may herald war, has not yet been confirmed. China threatened to respond to this step, which it considered an "act of provocation", as soon as the meeting actually takes place.

U.S., in turn, tried not to escalate the tensions further. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Tsai's transit through the states was "private, unofficial and in line with the One China policy."

At the same time, however, U.S. warned Beijing of any "exaggerated reaction" to the Taiwanese president's stopover in New York.

However, Beijing said that Tsai's visit could lead to a "dangerous confrontation" between China and U.S.

Tensions between China and U.S. have escalated since the visit of former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the island of Taiwan, in early August 2022.

China intensified its military activities near the island and launched its largest military maneuvers in years. It asserted that Taiwan is part of its territory and absolutely refuses to abandon it or the principle of one China.

Recently, China revealed that its military activities near the island took place in order to defend territorial integrity of China, of which Taiwan is a part.

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