Taiwan spots 44 Chinese warplanes, 4 ships

Published November 7th, 2022 - 08:34 GMT
Chinese warplanes
(Shutterstock/ file photo)

Taiwan's Defense Ministry said Sunday it tracked 44 Chinese warplanes, four warships and two military drones around the island.

A total of 15 People's Liberation Army warplanes and two drones crossed the median line, it said, adding that four other aircraft flew on the eastern part of the air defense identification zone.

Chinese air and sea vehicles were tracked with electronic tracking tools, patrol planes, ships and ground missile systems, it added.

China has increased military activities around Taiwan, which it views as its "breakaway province," since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a delegation to the island nation of more than 24 million people in August.

China views Taiwan as a “breakaway province” despite Taipei having governed itself since 1949. Beijing has vowed to reunify the island, including by force if necessary.

Apart from the show of military might, Beijing has downgraded military dialogue with the US and suspended cooperation on climate change issues, along with six other countermeasures.

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