Taliban attack kills two aid workers in Afghanistan

Published November 30th, 2014 - 06:18 GMT

Two foreign aid workers were killed when a group of Taliban suicide bombers and gunmen stormed an international aid organization in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Saturday, Afghan authorities said.

At least three militants dropped two hand grenades at the gate of compound and followed by light weapons shootings. According to Afghan officials, one detonated his explosives, while two others were gunned down by Afghan national security forces.

According to deputy interior minister Mohammad Ayub Salangi, the operation was over and clearance process was under way.

“The attack begun about 4.00 p.m. local time and lasted for four hours. Two foreigners were killed during the rescue operation. Seven hostages including children were rescued by Afghan National Security Forces,” he added.

Salangi did not disclose the nationality of the foreigners or the casualties of security forces.

Kabul police Chief Gen. Zahir Zahir said the militants had used military uniforms and the commander of Rapid reaction forces was injured in the incident.

Dozens of Afghan security forces with heavy machinery were deployed in the area and all the roads to the scene were closed.

Families living around the building were asked to evacuate to safer zones in order to avoid civilian casualties. One house neighboring the compound caught fire during the firefight between security forces and rebels.

Taliban militants claimed the deadly Kabul attack against the foreigners’ compound.

“Taliban mujahidin attacked a Christian missionary and intelligence center when some 50 people had just arrived from Australia; a meeting was underway,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said.

At least five people, including a British embassy worker from the UK embassy, were killed in a suicide car bomb attack in Kabul on Thursday, which was later followed by Taliban militants' evening attack on a US-linked organization.

Taliban militants have intensified their attacks and activities after the Afghan government signed security agreements with the United States and NATO, which allows their forces to remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

The surge of violence in Afghanistan doesn’t remain limited to the capital Kabul.

At least 26 Taliban militants wearing international troops’ uniform entered in Camp Bastion in southern Helmand province on Thursday.

The fight between Afghan security forces and the militants lasted for 48 hours. All the militants were killed and at least six afghan security forces lost their lives as well.

The camp was used by US and British forces for 13 years before they end their combat mission inAfghanistan and handover to Afghan troops.

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