Tawam Hospital holds the 4th Annual International Pediatrics Conference

Published April 26th, 2010 - 12:52 GMT

Tawam Hospital, in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine, organized the 4th Annual International Pediatrics Conference this past weekend at the Al Ain Intercontinental Hotel. The three day conference, accredited by the Faculty of Medicine, UAE University, began on the 22nd of April with 400 delegates in attendance.   
The popular conference was expanded this year from three to nine separate workshops.  The workshops were led by 16 specialists from the United States, Europe, the UAE, and other MENA countries presenting the most recent findings, issues and challenges in the field of pediatrics today such as; advances in the management of general pediatrics, and the latest breakthroughs in a number of subspecialties including neonatal care and hematology oncology.
“We have worked together for several months to put together an exciting and focused agenda, and we believe it has been an interesting, challenging and educational experience for our guests,” said Mr. Gregory F. Schaffer, CEO, Tawam Hospital “This conference brought together specialized pediatricians, residents, and other healthcare professionals in the field of pediatrics. It has also facilitated the exchange of knowledge and information, which will further enhance the quality of care provided to the children of the UAE.” he added.

Dr. Aiman Rahmani, Chairman, Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology added, “Again this year, we welcomed a number of prominent speakers from Johns Hopkins Medicine in the USA, and a number of talented physicians from right here in the UAE, and as well as other colleagues from the international medical community. Renowned experts in the field of pediatrics joined and shared with us their expertise and the most up to date advances in the field”.

“Tawam Hospital’s goal has always been to create an information conduit between regional and international pediatric specialists so that we can all share our knowledge and experiences for the improvement of healthcare delivery in the region. The first three events were so successful and well received, we had to increase the number of workshops.” he added.

Some of the key lectures presented included one entitled, ‘Doctor, is my son short?’ It was presented by Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Abdulla, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Khartoum. The discussion revolved around the current increase in height consciousness and publicity involving growth hormones.  Children judged by their parents to be of short stature is a common cause of referrals to the pediatric and endocrinology clinics.

Another interesting and well received session was entitled ‘Not himself: The child with altered level of consciousness‘ by Dr. Husam Bakrli, Consultant and  Head, Division of General Pediatrics  at Tawam Hospital. The presentation was a clinically oriented approach to assessing children with changes in alertness and responsiveness, who have either visited a primary pediatrician or the ER.

Tawam Hospital is part of the SEHA Health System and is owned and operated by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) which is responsible for the curative activities of all the public hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  The hospital is managed by Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

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