'There is No Space for Palestine' Says Abbas

Published September 21st, 2017 - 08:08 GMT
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (AFP/File Photo)
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (AFP/File Photo)


  • Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas urged the United Nations to set a timeframe for ending the Israeli occupation. 
  • The Palestinian Authority is committed to a peaceful two-state solution, as opposed to Israel, said Abbas.
  • He argued that the PA deserves full membership in the U.N. and that it cannot survive without its international aid and support.
  • "Abbas had spread false and hate-encouraging statements...instead of acting to end pro-terrorism education in the PA," said Israel ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on the United Nations on Wednesday to pursue efforts to "bring an end to Israeli occupation of the state of Palestine within a set time frame." 

Abbas, addressing the United Nations General Assembly, warned that if the two-state solution were to be destroyed, Palestinians would have no choice but to "continue the struggle and demand full rights for all inhabitants of historic Palestine."

Abbas emphasized during his speech that the PA is committed to the two-state solution and all of the efforts it will undertake will be peaceful. He repeated that several times during his speech.

"We are standing against International terrorism, and we are fighting it," said Abbas before arguing that it is Israel and not the Palestinian Authority, that is not interested in peace.

"Israel builds so many settlements," Abbas said, "there is no space for Palestine."



Naming the French peace initiative and the Arab peace initiative, among others, as peace efforts that Israel, in his view, rejected, Abbas was consistent in his message. The Palestinian Authority bears no responsibility for the conflict as "commitment from one side is not enough for peace". If Israel doesn't want peace or a two-state solution "let them [the Israelis] bear the responsibility for it," Abbas said, "we will not."

Abbas argued that the Palestinian Authority is deserving of full membership status in the UN while pointing out that the PA is very much dependent on aid and support from the international community. "We are unable to provide security for our people," Abbas said, "who will if you won't?"

Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon responded to the speech by saying that: "Abbas had spread false and hate-encouraging statements in the UN instead of acting to end pro-terrorism education in the PA."

The Israeli ambassador added that: "Once again we heard lies and incitement [against Israel] when the truth is that the Palestinian leadership is a compulsive peace rejecter."


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