Thomas Klein International is appointed as F&B and design consultant for the new Crème Royale pastry shops in the UAE

Thomas Klein International is appointed as F&B and design consultant for the new Crème Royale pastry shops in the UAE
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Published August 2nd, 2010 - 09:20 GMT

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Thomas Klein International (TKI) has been appointed to conceptualise and design a new series of pastry shops to be launched in Abu Dhabi. The shops will operate under the name of Crème Royale, and is jointly owned by The Royal Group in Abu Dhabi and a Greek investor, Theodore Zaravinos.

TKI will be responsible for the conceptualisation and design of the retail stores and the central production unit which will produce all the cakes and pastries for the entire series of stores.

The first store in Abu Dhabi will be located in Souk Al Merkazi (Central Market), and the second shop will open a few months later in Paragon Mall which will also feature a seating area for on-site consumption of sweets, pastries and light meals.

"The interiors will be 'cutting-edge' ultra-modern, and will perfectly showcase the selection of premium luxury products on offer. We are also currently envisaging the possibility of including art installations in every store," said Daniel During, Managing Partner of Thomas Klein International.

TKI will work in conjunction with its associated office, PS Studio in Chicago, to create a 'one-of-a-kind' interior concept that will be aligned with the unique product offering.

"We hope to bring a new level of sophistication to Abu Dhabi with this venture," added During.

Paragon Mall will also house the central production unit, a state-of-the-art facility which will be over 250 square meters in size.

Theodore Zaravinos added, "We are delighted to work with TKI as they have a proven record of cutting-edge and unique designs, and they consistently produce interiors that are also highly operations-friendly."

"As a group we have a commitment to open several more Crème Royale stores of various sizes across the UAE, and we want to be known as 'the' cake supplier in the region.

Our first outlet is due to open in December 2010, and our range of cakes will include tailor-made wedding and birthday cakes, to 'Prêt a Porter' line of individual cakes of various sizes," concluded Zaravinos.

The total investment for the first two outlets and the central kitchen is budgeted at US$ 2,5 million dollars. 

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