Three British expats in UAE arrested for writing plane numbers

Published March 3rd, 2015 - 08:28 GMT

Three British expats living in the UAE were arrested Tuesday for jotting down plane numbers in the Fujairah International Airport, Alghad reported.

Conrad Clitheroe, 54, was arrested with his friends Gary Cooper, 45, and Neil Monro, Conrad's wife Valerie Clitheroe said. She said the men were writing down plane numbers in the Fujairah Airport on Feb. 21 and were detained the next day. The detainees are being held in Fujairah prison.

The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the story in a short statement.

Valerie said on BBC her husband was frustrated and afraid when she called him.

"They are shocked," she told BBC. "It is a case of national security."

Adam Cooper, Gary's son, said his dad and his colleagues had appeared at the hearing session and the authorities are trying to transfer the case to court in Abu Dhabi, Alghad reported.

Adam said his father and friends were also accused of taking photos of the planes. Reports didn't mention why they were writing down plane numbers. 

Valerie said her husband is suffering from high blood pressure and with a bad heart condition and had run out of medicine by now. 

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