Three US troops killed as 12 car bombs explode across Iraq

Published January 1st, 2006 - 02:47 GMT

Three American soldiers were killed and others wounded when a US patrol hit by a bomb in Miqdadia in east Baghdad on Sunday. Elsewhere, a US camp at central Fallujah was attacked at the outset of the new year by resistance fighters. Iraqi media, quoting eyewitnesses, said gunmen lunched a hasty and brief attack on a building used by US forces. According to the sources, fire exchange and blasts were heard at the vicinity of the building in central Fallujah.


Meanwhile, Iraqi resistance fighters activated 12 car bombs in separate attacks, including eight in Baghdad Sunday, injuring 20 people but causing no deaths, police said. According to the AP, the bombs exploded within a span of several hours. Police also found a ninth bomb in Baghdad and detonated it.


One of the bombs went off in northern Baghdad as an Iraqi army patrol was passing, injuring two troops, police Lt. Bilal Ali Majid said. The other wounded people were all civilians.


In other violence Sunday, gunmen attacked a police checkpoint in Mosul, killing one bystander and wounding three policemen, police Brig. Saed Ahmed said.

In another development, a Sudanese official on Sunday said six kidnapped employees had been freed two days after Khartoum announced it would close its embassy in Baghdad, meeting kidnappers' demands. A Cypriot man abducted in Iraq four months ago was also released after his family paid a ransom, a relative said Sunday.


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