Tiffany & Co.’s Travel Collection to attract regional celebrities

Published June 24th, 2010 - 01:31 GMT

Tiffany & Co., the internationally renowned jeweler, brings to Dubai its vivid Travel Collection. The collection is illuminated by the magnificent diamonds and high end gems that have brought the company international renown and that continue to highlight Tiffany's legacy as one of the world's premier jewelers. These valuable pieces range between AED 100,000 to AED 10 million.

Tiffany & Co., the world's diamond authority, has put together a special collection of its legendary diamonds and gemstones in a magnificent collection celebrating nature as the source for these exquisite treasures and Tiffany's expertise in selecting them for jewelry of ultimate style.

These enchanting pieces, noteworthy for their unique and captivating settings are popular among Hollywood celebrities and royalty who wish to own a unique adornment. The collection - an ultimate gauge of glamour and style - consists of the Tiffany Diamond, Tiffany Celebration® rings, colored pieces, Lucida rings, and Victoria jewels which highlight a consummate jewelry creation of classic grace and femininity.

Pegah Goldooz, General Manager of Tiffany & Co., in the UAE, said: "After being exhibited in many Tiffany flagship stores across the globe, the Travel Collection has come to Dubai and we are certain that it will attract the royalty and celebrities of this region. Due to the high quality of diamonds and its amazing craftsmanship, Tiffany has won countless accolades at the great world's fairs and has become jeweler of the crowned heads of Europe."

Tiffany's brilliant diamond and platinum celebration rings light up every cause for celebration with the sheer beauty and elegance of Tiffany design. Unsurpassed in quality and charisma, the stones, like the stars, are perfectly aligned in dazzling bands of pure fashion chic. Shaped with classic round diamonds, in princess cut, channel set or pavé diamonds, these bands trace every twist and turn on the road to success and self-fulfillment. Meanwhile, The Tiffany Diamond has set an important company precedent of cutting for brilliance rather than size, a standard Tiffany & Co. maintains today. The 128.54 carats Tiffany & Co. has an extraordinary sparkle due to its 82 facets, 24 more facets than the traditional brilliant cut.

Colored gemstones, a centerpiece of Tiffany's jewelry collections, have played a major part in establishing the brand as a world-renowned jeweler. With these and other brilliant gems Tiffany created color-saturated jewels as lavish and sought-after as the Tiffany diamonds the fashionably rich wore day and night. Tiffany's reputation for superlative gemstones shines on in the jeweler's showcases around the world. Each color is a classic expression of fashion, presented with the utmost quality and craftsmanship that have distinguished Tiffany & Co. for over eight generations.

Lucida®, Tiffany's celebrated diamond cut and setting is the most recent of these exemplary designs. Lucida is a Latin word that refers to the brightest star in a constellation and thus it stands alone in every facet of its incomparable design. The culmination of many years of research and development, the Lucida diamond is one of the rare patented diamond cuts and further enhances the diamond's singular luminosity. On the other hand, the brand's Victoria brilliantly accents fashion with renowned Tiffany craftsmanship and design excellence - from feminine and refined to colorful and dramatic.

The iconic collection is on view from June 21, 2010 through July 16, 2010, at Tiffany & Co. located at The Dubai Mall. 

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