Time For Wisdom of Solomon -- A One State Solution

Published November 22nd, 2009 - 02:11 GMT
The failure of Israel to negotiate in good faith with the Palestinians has proven that the only
path to lasting peace is a one state solution, says Asem Judeh, long time human rights activist.
"The West must start paying attention to its own democratic and moral principles and recognise
that the only enduring solution is one state in which all people are citizens, all are equal before
the law, all have equal property rights and all have a vote. The continual failure of the Middle
East peace process is due to the stronger power, Israel, refusing to stop turning Palestinians
into non-persons."
Judeh says is like the problem that faced Solomon. When two women claimed to be the mothers
of a child, Solomon said "split the child in two." From that came a wise resolution and the baby
remained intact. Palestine should also remain intact, one country.
"Palestinians would obviously accept a one state solution, especially as at the moment they have
no state. It is the Israelis who want to get rid of the indigenous people of the country by humiliating
them, taking their land, and refusing even to acknowledge their rights as human beings."
Judeh says it is now obvious to any impartial observer that the Israelis have no intention of
negotiating in good faith over a workable two state solution. Theirs is a long term strategy of
expulsion, although to where is by no means clear.
It is also clear that American policy in the region has become rudderless – pretty, empty words
only. It is time for countries such as Australia, which are liberal democratic states based on equality
for all citizens, to assert that they believe in their own political system, and urge a one state solution
on Israel and Palestine. “If Australians believe in fairness and equality, then why aren’t they arguing
for it here? Australia supported a resolution of the Irish conflict that brought all parties into a common
agreement to live as one. And that eventually happened. So why not in Israel-Palestine? Does Australia
believe in its own principles or not?”

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