Titan Mubarak Faces Morsi in Trial of Islamic Leader

Published December 26th, 2018 - 12:47 GMT
Mubarak (L) testifies in trial of Mohammad Morsi (Twitter)
Mubarak (L) testifies in trial of Mohammad Morsi (Twitter)

Ousted-President Hosni Mubarak gave his testimony in court on Wednesday at the trial of Mohamed Morsi and other key figures.

The court case accuses ousted-president Morsi and others of breaking out of a Cairo prison in 2011. The charges are linked to the escape of at least 800 inmates during the early days of the 2011 revolution.

Both former presidents face each other for the first time at the Egyptian Criminal Court.

Mubarak said that the prison attack was made possible through tunnels that were dug from Gaza. 

The former president said that the intention of the attack was to release Hezbollah, Brotherhood and Hamas inmates. 

The storming of the eastern border was aimed at increasing chaos during the revolt to support the Muslim Brotherhood, he claimed, adding that police members in northern Sinai were killed during the attack. 

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