Tkiyet Um Ali Launches “A Reward in Every Fleece” for Affordable Adha Sacrifice

Tkiyet Um Ali Launches “A Reward in Every Fleece” for Affordable Adha Sacrifice
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Published October 21st, 2010 - 12:07 GMT

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In line with its pioneering programs in hunger alleviation in Jordan and across the Middle East, Tkiyet Um Ali is launched "A Reward in Every Fleece" campaign for the sixth consecutive year, aiming to facilitate the offering of Adha sacrifice at affordable price of 99 JDs.

The annual launch prior to Eid al Adha has always been favorably received by the Jordanian public, as it gives larger local segments the chance to perform Adha sacrifices at affordable price, being as well an effective plan in providing food aid for those who do not possess any source of livelihood.

Tkiyet Um Ali's price of a single sacrifice remains at only 99 JDs, including expenses for slaughter, tanning, chopping, storage and distribution of the Adha sacrifice to families across the country. These sacrifices are also stored to be distributed throughout the rest of the year, Tkiyet Um Ali having completed early this month the distribution of last year's Adha food, 2009.

Director General of Tkiyet Um Ali Mahmoud Saif Al-Sharif commented on the launch saying: "We can only be proud to continue a sustainable food security program that has provided so many poor families across the Kingdom with food aid throughout the past six years."

He further added: "This pioneering program is approved by a Fatwa issued by the Jordan's grand mufti, and its success much owes to our well-spirited and compassionate Jordanians who can only be glad to lend a helping and brotherly hand to those who are in most need of it." 

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