Tomb Discovered from Era of Pharoahs

Published November 20th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A Czech archeological mission discovered a 4,000-year-old tomb from the time of the pharaohs in Egypt's Abu Sir region, southeast of Cairo, the government daily Al-Ahram reported Monday. 

The tomb belonged to Meri-Her-Shef, a high official during the reign of Pharaoh Pepi I, one of the first pharaohs of the sixth dynasty (2345-2181 BC), Zahi Hawas, director of antiquities at the pyramids in Giza, told Al-Ahram. 

The expedition recovered three limestone blocks between 1.05 and 1.28 meters (3ft 6in and 4ft 3in) in height. Each block contained two niches containing carved statues, surrounded by green hieroglyphics on a red backdrop. 

Giza, located west of the Nile, boasts many treasures from Egypt's ancient past, including the great pyramids and Saqqarah, the oldest stone monument known to man. 

The ancient Egyptians, who believed in the afterlife, buried their dead towards the setting sun in order that the dead would be reborn the following day -- CAIRO (AFP)  




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