Tory Polls States 50% of Conservatives Believe Corbyn Will be the Next British Premier

Published August 17th, 2018 - 08:51 GMT
Labour Party leaderJeremy Corbyn, British PM Theresa May. (AFP/ File)
Labour Party leaderJeremy Corbyn, British PM Theresa May. (AFP/ File)

A poll conducted by the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party has revealed that around half of the party members think Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will become the next British prime minister.

The poll published on the Conservative Home website on Tuesday showed that some 45 percent of the Conservative Party’s grassroots think that Corbyn will take the keys to No. 10 as part of a coalition government after the next general election.

The poll showed that the number of Tories who think their party will remain in power has decreased from the 73 percent recorded last month to 55 percent. That means a huge fall in the popularity of the current Conservative-led government of Prime Minister Theresa May.

The poll, which spoke to 1,181 Tory members, is the first survey since May announced her controversial plans for final phases of negotiations with the European Union on Brexit early last month. Two senior ministers resigned from May’s cabinet over concerns that the plan could closely tie the UK to the EU after Britain leaves the bloc in March next year.

Nicky Morgan, a former conservative cabinet minister, said the Tories were now effectively split over EU policy, warning that the party could be kicked out of office for ever if May fails to reach a convincing deal with the EU on Brexit.

“If we fatally undermine our economy or turn a blind eye to its fate during the Brexit process, then the Conservative party will write itself out of the history of the UK,” Morgan said.

May has repeatedly said that she would not bow to EU pressures for a bad deal although she insists that there are still chances for Britain to avoid a highly-feared no-deal Brexit.

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