Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ Reaches New Milestone: Over 4 Billion Threats Blocked a Day

Published December 7th, 2009 - 01:17 GMT

Trend Micro predicted a changing malware landscape and promised a smarter, faster way of battling threats; the company delivers on both promise and performance.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network -- the realization of Trend Micro’s vision and commitment to delivering lighter, faster protection from the cloud -- is marking its 16-month anniversary with notable milestone numbers and a look at how the company has successfully integrated the technology across its solution portfolio.

Security Made Smarter: By the Numbers
Between Q3 2008 and Q2 2009, Trend Micro Smart Protection Network achieved unprecedented growth. The chart below illustrates, on a daily average, how many queries users around the world send to the Smart Protection Network, and how many threats it blocks.

Security Made Evident: Third-Party Validation
Independent, third-party testers have been validating the effectiveness of Trend Micro’s products and solutions powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. Whether in sponsored or non-sponsored tests, Trend Micro is consistently taking the lead.

Testing Organization
 Test results
NSS Labs
 In non-commissioned, tests using a new methodology that focuses on “real world” protection against active malware instead of detection of outdated malware samples, both Trend Micro’s consumer and corporate products provided the best overall protection. Trend Micro beat out Kaspersky, Symantec McAfee, Norman, F-Secure, Panda, ESET, AVG, and Sophos.

Cascadia Labs
 For both Cascadia Labs’ Q4 2008 and Q1 2009 reports, Trend Micro was the clear winner in URL filtering and Web security, both components of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.

West Coast Labs
 Trend Micro™ InterScan™ Messaging for Hosted Security and InterScan Messaging Security Suite had the highest anti-spam catch rates, beating out Microsoft, Sophos, Symantec and Websense.

Security That Fits: Products Powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network
For years, Trend Micro recognized that the malware landscape would evolve from virus outbreaks to stealthy, hidden malware attacks designed by cybercriminals to steal personal and proprietary business data. Trend Micro products are specifically designed to guard against the latest threats victimizing consumers, small businesses and enterprises.

Products Powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network

For consumers: Light, fast “ubiquitous” security for universal protection that fits your life – on PCs, netbooks, mobile devices and more. Trend Micro™ Internet Security, Trend Micro™ Internet Security Pro, Trend Smart Surfing™ for Mac.

For small businesses: A diverse on –premise and hosted portfolio that fits any business model. Worry-Free™ Business Security, Worry-Free™ Business Security Hosted.

For enterprises: Immediate protection with less complexity – that fits into your network without compromising your existing investments. Trend Micro™ Enterprise Security that include: OfficeScan™ Client/Server, Communication & Collaboration Security, InterScan™ Web Security, InterScan™ Messaging Security, Advanced Reporting and Management, Threat Management Services, and more.

For everyone: Free cloud-based prevention and clean-up tools providing antivirus, anti-spyware, Web threat protection and more. HouseCall™, Web Protection Add-On, and Smart Surfing for iPhone.

Security That’s Better: A New Approach Was Needed
According to, over 1 million new malware are generated each month. Trend Micro understood that the traditional way of blocking malware – using signature files and pattern downloads – would not only over-burden endpoints, but would be too slow to counter the speed in which cybercriminals are moving, especially since most of these threats are now coming from the Internet .

With a changing threat landscape, a new security approach was essential. Far ahead of its competitors, Trend Micro has been developing cutting-edge technologies designed to stop threats at their source – the Internet-- while also embedding multi-layered protections more deeply into the network.

“With the Smart Protection Network, Trend Micro created a new way of fighting online threats that’s faster and smarter than the conventional approaches the security industry has been promoting,” said Eva Chen, CEO of Trend Micro. “The value Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure provides to our customers is very simple: Minimize the risk and impact of digital threats at the lowest possible impact to their business functions and systems performance. During the past year and a half, we’ve been executing on this vision, expanding the Smart Protection Network beyond just a new piece of technology, but a solid foundation upon which we build innovative products that deliver protection from the cloud.”        

Trend Micro Smart Protection Network combines in-the-cloud technologies and TrendLabs, its global network of threat intelligence and research centers, with lighter-weight, client-based methods to ensure customers have immediate access to the latest and strongest protection wherever and however they connect – from home, on or off the corporate network, or on the go.

Reputation technology is one of the key components of Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. The company first introduced Email reputation services in 2005; Web reputation in 2006; and finally, File reputation in 2008. Through its patent-pending correlation technology, Trend Micro uses behavior analysis to correlate these cloud-based reputation databases to identify malicious threats.

Another component of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network is integrated feedback loops that provide continuous communication between Trend Micro products, as well as TrendLabs in a two-way update stream. Each new threat identified via a single customer’s routine reputation check, for example, automatically updates all of Trend Micro’s threat databases around the world, blocking any subsequent customer encounters of a given threat. By continuously processing the threat intelligence gathered through its extensive global network of honeypots, customers and partners, Trend Micro delivers automatic, real-time protection against the latest threats and provides “better together” security, much like an automated neighborhood watch that involves the community in protection of others.

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