Trend Micro Launches Broad Strategy and New Solutions for Advanced Server Security Spanning Physical, Virtualized and Cloud-Based Servers

Published November 2nd, 2009 - 10:39 GMT

Trend Micro is introducing an advanced server security strategy that encompasses protection for the cloud, as well as products and solutions that help corporations address the challenging data protection, security and compliance needs of today’s datacenters that stretch across physical, virtualized and cloud-computing environments.
Independent research and industry analyst reports indicate 95 percent of datacenters in 2009 are employing virtualization technology and 60 percent of production virtual machines are less secure than their physical counterparts. In fact, 88 percent of North American companies do not even have a virtualization security strategy. Additionally, datacenters are facing new and sophisticated attacks every day, putting them at a greater risk of security breaches.
Trend Micro™ Deep Security, the flagship product for advanced server security at Trend Micro, introduces a new paradigm for server security where the entire server is protected, including the operating system, network and applications layers for superior and comprehensive security, regardless of computing environment, virtualization platform or storage location. It emphasizes: 
- Preventing data breaches and disruptions by providing a layer of defense at the server itself, whether physical, virtual or cloud.
- Lowering the cost of security management for virtual and cloud computing environments.
- Helping to make possible compliance over a wide range of regulations and standards, including PCI, SAS 70, FISMA, HIPAA, and more.
- Addressing immediate security concerns plaguing enterprises in physical and virtual worlds such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks perpetrated by sophisticated, for-profit hackers.
“With datacenters becoming more dynamic, traditional security solutions break down due to unique challenges imposed by virtualization and the ever increasing sophistication of for-profit attackers,” said Thomas Miller, executive general manager of the enterprise business unit, Trend Micro. “With cloud computing, servers, like laptops before them, are moving outside the security perimeter and can be co-located with unknown and potentially malicious servers. Trend Micro server security solutions enable protection for virtual and cloud-based servers that are susceptible to these unique risks and challenges currently not addressed by existing security solutions.”

Trend Micro Deep Security provides advanced protection for servers, right from the operating system to resident applications with a modular architecture that includes: A deep packet inspection engine with intrusion detection/prevention (IDS/IPS), Web application protection and network-level application control; firewall, integrity monitoring and log inspection modules. This protection is available for both physical and virtual systems using server-based software agents and, coming soon with Deep Security 7.0, using virtual security appliances specifically designed for VMware VI3 and vSphere 4 environments.

Trend Micro Deep Security 7.0, the latest version, is the world’s first security software that coordinates VMsafe API-based security applied at the hypervisor with additional protection on virtual machines to protect VMware environments. This version also includes new features designed to improve management and simplify compliance for a lower total cost of ownership such as: Event tagging to enable better workflow of security incident handling, the ability to create a “reference system” or known good state to reduce false positive alerts resulting from normal system updates such as patching. Other enhancements include integrity monitoring, log inspection, and SIEM integration capabilities.

Trend Micro Deep Security, in combination with Trend Micro™ ServerProtect™ and Core Protection™ for Virtual Machines, its anti-malware products designed for physical servers and VMware virtual servers respectively, delivers layered and comprehensive server security now vital to business continuity. Combining Trend Micro Deep Security with advanced anti-malware protection further adds to Trend Micro’s ability to broadly deliver layered and comprehensive server security now vital to business continuity.

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