Tunisia declares nighttime curfew following violent protests

Published January 22nd, 2016 - 01:17 GMT

Tunisia announced a nationwide nighttime curfew Friday amid violent protests that saw confrontations between police and protesters.

The country’s interior ministry said the curfew from 8 pm (1900 GMT) to 5 am (0400 GMT) came in response to attacks on public and private property, which “represent a danger to the country and its citizens.”

Demonstrations began earlier this month in the central region of Gasserine after a 28-year-old man seeking employment was turned down for a government job. The man had climbed a power pole near the governor’s office and was electrocuted.

As Tunisia enters the sixth year of its revolution, the country has been hit by widespread protests, mainly in the inner regions. Protesters say they came out for the same reasons that ignited the revolution: corruption, poverty and unemployment.

By Nacer Talel

© Copyright Andolu Ajansi

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