Tunisian security and monitoring unit assesses nationwide security concerns

Published May 5th, 2016 - 02:00 GMT
Tunisian special forces on patrol near the Libyan border. (AFP/File)
Tunisian special forces on patrol near the Libyan border. (AFP/File)

The Security coordination and monitoring unit convened, on Wednesday afternoon, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Habib Essid to examine the security situation in the country.

The efforts exerted to be protected from terrorism and fight against organized crime and the preservation of security of the citizens and public and private properties, were also the focus of the meeting, indicates a statement of the Prime Ministry.

Took part in the meeting,  Ministers of National Defence, Interior, Foreign Affairs and senior executives of the army and security.

The meeting was an occasion to examine “means likely to guarantee permanent operationality of the army and security institutions and achieve further co-ordination between the two institutions”, underlines the same source.  Emphasis was placed on the imperative to show continuous vigilance and be prepared to any possible threat with the required efficiency, underlines the same statement. 

The Security coordination and monitoring unit reviewed “the furtherance of implementing the measures decided to boost equipment and endow the security and army institutions with the necessary equipment to help them fulfil their mission at best.”

The Prime Minister had chaired, on Tuesday, an inner cabinet meeting devoted to the follow-up of the national strategy of fight against terrorism.

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