Tunisia's Privatization Program Generates TD940Mn in Revenues

Published January 26th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

As of the end of 1999, the Tunisian government had privatized 144 state-owned enterprises, generating a combined TD 940 million in revenues, according to a report in Al-Raya daily. The companies were sold to both private investors from Tunisia and the other countries, including from the Arab world.  


Heavy activity was in the cement sector, in which 15 operating companies had been privatized by the end of 1999. This generated TD 44.5 million in revenues, or 47% of total privatization revenues. Other industries in which enterprises have been privatized include the following:  

* 31 enterprises from tourism and the handcraft industry sectors for a total of TD 164 million in revenues 

* 18 companies from the transportation sector for a total of TD 71.6 million in revenues 

* 21 enterprises in the chemical and electrical industries for a total of TD 82 million in revenues 

* 26 enterprises in the agriculture, fishing and food industry and textile sectors for a total of TD 13 million in revenues.  

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