Turkey Asks Kurdistan to Be ‘Wise’ and Not Go Ahead With Independence Referendum

Published August 17th, 2017 - 12:55 GMT
Iraqi Kurds. (AFP)
Iraqi Kurds. (AFP)

Iraq-based media channel Rudaw reported today that Turkey are demanding the Kurdistan Regional Government to make a wise decision and refrain from going ahead with its independence referendum next month.


In June it was announced that Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region will hold an independence referendum in September of this year. 

Turkey immediately responded to this by calling the decision a 'mistake'

Kurds are an ethnic minority that live in parts of Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran. They have faced persecuted for decades, suffering from suppression of identity and banning of Kurdish language in Turkey. Iraqi Kurds were also attacked by Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons in Halabja in Northern Iraq in 1988. 


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