Two employees of Iraqi television station shot dead by US troops as Bush names new ambassador to Baghdad

Published April 19th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

American soldiers killed two employees of U.S.-funded television station Al-Iraqiya on Monday and injured a third in the central city of Samara, the station reported.  


Correspondent Asaad Kadhim and driver Hussein Saleh were killed. Cameraman Bassem Kamel was injured "after American forces opened fire on them while they were performing their duty," the station announced.  


Thamir Ibrahim, an Al-Iraqiya editor, told The Associated Press he had no details on how the incident occurred. But "it was on the road leading to the city of Samara. Before they reached it, they were fired upon."  


They were taken to a Samara hospital, he said.  


Last month, American soldiers killed correspondent Ali al-Khatib and cameraman Ali Abdel-Aziz of the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya news station.  


In Washington, President Bush named John Negroponte, the United States' top diplomat at the United Nations, as the U.S. ambassador to Iraq (and asserted that Iraq "will be free and democratic and peaceful."  


Bush announced the nomination in an Oval Office ceremony.  


Negroponte would become ambassador in Baghdad when the United States hands over political power to an interim Iraqi government by a June 30 deadline. (

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