Two Yemeni Soldiers Killed while Trying to Arrest Ex-Party Leader

Published September 23rd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Villagers killed two soldiers and wounded three others in southern Yemen Friday when they tried to arrest a former leader of the opposition Yemen Socialist Party (YSP), witnesses said. 

Troops from the 35th brigade stationed in Dhaleh province, some 130 kilometers (80 miles) north of Aden, tried to arrest former YSP leader Saleh Hassan Solhi, who had taken refuge in the village of Karad in the same province. 

The soldiers and villagers exchanged fire, and two military men were killed and three others wounded, the witnesses said. It was not known if there were any casualties among the villagers. 

A YSP official issued a statement slamming "these barbarous acts" and calling for "urgent intervention" by international human rights groups "to "eliminate the injustice against the Yemeni citizen." 

On September 2, the YSP called on the government to carry out economic reforms and remove restrictions on the press and on political activities. 

The YSP headed the government of former South Yemen, which merged with North Yemen in 1990. The south tried to secede in 1994, but was defeated by national troops. The main southern leaders, who live in exile, have been sentenced to death in absentia - ADEN, Yemen (AFP) 



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