UAE: American citizen convicted on terrorism-related charges

Published October 12th, 2009 - 12:49 GMT

The United Arab Emirates' highest court convicted an American national Monday on terrorism-related charges. The court sentenced Naji Hamdan to 18 months in prison, but he should be freed soon because the sentence counts time served and he was detained last year. There are no appeals to verdicts by the UAE's Federal Supreme Court.


Hamdan, an American of Lebanese origin, faced three terrorism-related charges, including having ties with an al-Qaeda group in Iraq. 43-year-old Hamdan had denied the accusations. "I'm disappointed because I was not acquitted," Hamdan told The Associated Press.


Hamdan's lawyer, Abdul Khader al-Haithami, claimed his client suffered torture and threats in detention and was forced to sign a confession.


Hamdan was detained in the UAE last year and charged in June 2009 with supporting terrorism, working with terrorist organizations and being a member of a terrorist group.

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