UAE Bans Screening of Hollywood's 'Engagement'

Published June 5th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Hollywood movie 'Rules of Engagement', which sparked protests in Yemen over accusations that the film is anti-Arab, will not be screened in the United Arab Emirates, reported the English daily Gulf News Sunday.  

The daily quoted the film distributors as saying that "this movie will not be screened in the UAE because our main (Hollywood) film distributors for the region have withdrawn it due to its theme".  

The movie, released in the US on April 7th, is focused on a crowd of Yemeni demonstrators protesting at the American embassy in Sana'a. The protest ends with the killings of 83 Yemeni civilians while rescuing the US ambassador and his family.  

The Yemeni government has urged the Arab world to boycott the film, terming it as a conspiracy by the Jewish lobby, which controls Hollywood, the daily said.  

"We harbor no ill will or hatred towards Americans", a Yemeni foreign ministry official had reportedly stated. The film also met with condemnation from Arab and Muslim Americans in the US - 


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