UAE cuts international charges, Jordan still reigns supreme as country with cheapest overseas rates

Published July 1st, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The UAE's state-owned telephone monopoly, Etisalat, reduced its international charges from the UAE to 37 countries, including countries in the South Asian subcontinent and Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (AGCC) states as of Saturday, according to a report published by the Khaleej Times. 

The reduction in the rates reflects Etisalat's commitment to it's subscribers to offer services at globally competitive rates, a spokesman of the corporation said on Saturday. 

Etisalat has over the years progressively reduced international charges and the latest move represents a sizeable cut. Nevertheless, Etisalat's rates still lag behind those of Jordan Telecom, which charges $1.15 per minute as the highest rate on its most expensive destinations. 

Similar to other Arab Gulf states, the UAE's Etisalat continuous to charge high international rates to milk money off residents there. 


In the meantime, Etisalat's cuts came as follows: 

Normal call charges to India, between 7am and 9pm, currently $1.75 per minute, have been revised downward to $1.17 per minute, and the off-peak hour rates between 9pm and 7am, from the current $1.23 per minute, to $1 per minute. 

Rates for Pakistan during peak hours have been brought down to $1.17 from $1.53 per minute and to $1 per minute from $1.06 per minute for off-peak time. 

The rates, which varied for different Asian countries for both peak and off-peak hours, have now been pegged at $1.17 per minute for peak and $1 per minute for off-peak respectively. For calls to Japan, revised rates are $1.14 per minute for peak hours and $0.98 per minute for off-peak hours. 

For calls to AGCC states, the peak-hour charges have been reduced from the current $0.71 per minute to $0.64 per minute, and the off-peak hour rate from $0.44 to $0.42 per minute. In the case of Oman, the off-peak charge continues to rule at its current $0.27 per minute. 

The charges of Etisalat to several European countries have also been reduced. Calls to France and the UK, that hitherto cost $1.26 per minute, will now cost $1.14 per minute during peak hours, the off-peak hour calls continuing to stay at $0.87 per minute. 

Calls to the US mainland during peak hours, which earlier cost $1.26 will now be charged at $1.14 per minute, the off-peak charges remaining unchanged at $0.82 per minute. To Germany, the rates have been reduced from $1.49 per minute to $1.14 per minute, and from $1.23 per minute to $0.98 per minute for off-peak hours. 

Included in the 37 countries to which the reductions apply are Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Sudan, Palestine and Lebanon -- (

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