UAE delays first nuclear plant

Published December 10th, 2009 - 01:20 GMT

The United Arab Emirates, which planned to become the Gulf’s first nuclear power, has delayed the construction of its first nuclear plant, an official from one of the companies bidding for the deal has said. “We’ve been told that they’re postponing it until March,” Meena Mutyala, vice president for global growth at Westinghouse Electric Co. said on in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday.


“We’re not sure of the reason. They said they needed more time to evaluate,” he added.

The UAE, the fourth largest OPEC producer, has turned to nuclear energy because it does not produce enough natural gas to meet growing demand. The government has signed an atomic-energy agreement with the United States that will prohibit the enrichment of uranium in the UAE.

A spokesperson fro the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, tasked with implementing the UAE nuclear energy program, declined to comment.

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