UAE luxury fragrance house, Ajmal perfumes, ploughs ahead with Asian expansion plans

Published July 25th, 2010 - 08:21 GMT

One of UAE's finest fragrance houses, Ajmal Perfumes, has opened its first flagship boutique outside the GCC, in the vibrant capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Located in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, the country's premier luxury shopping destination that is said to rival Tokyo's Ginza and New York's 5th Avenue retail districts, the new boutique marks a key milestone in Ajmal Perfumes' evolution to become a true global luxury fragrance powerhouse. The company has invested over AED3.4mil behind the new boutique, which is the first in a larger international expansion plan.

With nearly 60 years of heritage and expertise in the fragrance industry, Ajmal Perfumes has established a formidable presence in the GCC as one of the region's most premier fragrances houses. Its clientele, which have long included the region's royalty, have come to expect the highest quality of oils and fragrances synonymous with the Ajmal brand. With its progressive philosophy and nose for latest trends and developments in the world of perfumery, Ajmal Perfumes is now poised for international exposure.

"The boutique in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is the first leg of our larger international expansion strategy into key global markets. Although the Western markets are experiencing a slowdown, the retail sector in South East Asia continues to remain robust. As such we have delayed our plans to open our boutique in London for another year, and have decided instead to move ahead with our Asian-expansion phase. Malaysia is a viable stepping stone for Ajmal Perfumes' foray into other Asian markets because of its dynamic consumer mix and high consumer spending power" said Abdulla Ajmal, Deputy General Manager, Ajmal Perfumes.

"The retail landscape in cities like Kuala Lumpur is seeing a steady expansion in the demand for luxury and premium brands. On one hand, Malaysian consumers are increasingly well-traveled and hence exposed to diverse and international brands. On the other hand, Kuala Lumpur is a major world tourist destination. It is an international shopping haven especially for Arab nationals. As such we are confident that Kuala Lumpur is an ideal market for Ajmal Perfumes' expansion into Asia where it will be well received as a global premium fragrance brand", added Abdulla Ajmal.

The Malaysian government is targeting 24 million tourist arrivals for 2010, with estimated revenue of RM54bil (USD16.7bil). In 2009, Malaysia welcomed more than 23 million tourists, of which close to 285,000 were Arab nationals. [*Source:…]

The newly opened boutique in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur boasts an open-plan layout where customers can experience Ajmal's vast collection of fine Western and Oriental fragrances within a spacious, stylish and contemporary environment. It reflects a delicate blend between the brand's ethnic chic image and its modern and progressive outlook. Subtle ambient lighting, open display areas and the arrangement of fragrances from light, medium to strong have been designed to introduce consumers in Malaysia to Ajmal's luxurious world of exotic fragrances, and to offer them a holistic and satisfying retail experience.

The new locality in the uber-stylish Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is an extension of the company's recent revamp strategy, spanning three to five years. It involves extensive plans to revamp its 135-strong existing outlets across the GCC with a completely fresh and modern retail ambience that reflects the brand's high end and international stature.

The story of Ajmal began in Assam, India, when founder Haji Ajmal Ali first began trading in the lucrative oudh industry. Derived from the essence of agarwood trees, oudh can take up to 20-40 years to harvest, and can cost more than tens of thousands of dollars per kilo. As the demand for oils and fragrances made from oudh grew, Ajmal became one of the foremost suppliers of high quality oudh to the Middle East.

Today Ajmal Perfumes, managed by the second and third generation of the Ajmal family, is a sprawling business with an annual turnover of over USD200 million. In 2004, as a result of its phenomenal growth in the region and increased demand for its fragrances, Ajmal invested AED 35 million to build a 150,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Al Quoz Industrial zone, Dubai. The comprehensive facility, replete with the latest technology to facilitate research and development, and key processes such as blending, filling and packaging, has the capacity to produce up to 50,000 bottles of fragrances per day for regional distribution.

The distinction of Ajmal's state-of-the-art R&D facility is further attested to by its affiliation with the Saudi Arabian Standardization Organization (SASO), which has granted Ajmal perfumes the authority to issue regulatory compliance certificates on behalf of SASO to any regional or international perfume brand that enters the Saudi Arabian market from the UAE. 

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