UAE scores its 69th Guinness World Record during Burn Energy Drink Monster Truck show

Published March 14th, 2010 - 11:27 GMT
BURN, the premium energy drink from The Coca-Cola Company sets the 69th new Guinness World Record in UAE for having the highest number of Burn energy drink cans crushed during a monster truck show in Dubai, UAE. This record was achieved soon after the unveiling of the new, larger 500ml BURN cans.
The attempt resulted in the monster truck crushing 61,106 cans in three minutes, claiming a record announced by a Professional adjudicator from Guinness World Records that presided over the entire challenge. Burn energy drink, a product of the Coca-Cola Company, was granted a certificate stating its position as record holder of the highest number of cans crushed in three minutes by a vehicle.
“I am pleased to see that Burn has managed to set a record for the highest number of cans to ever be crushed in three minutes,” commented Jason John Curran, Adjudicator for Guinness World Records “and this is definitely one of the biggest, most memorable shows that I have experienced in a while.”
In the span of one year, Coca-Cola has managed to set two world records in the UAE, recalling the May 2009 attempt to open the most bottles simultaneously in line with the launch of the Open Happiness campaign.
Antoine Tayyar, Public Affairs and Communications Director for Coca-Cola Middle East said, “We are proud to be the 69th Guinness World Record setters in UAE with the Burn Monster truck event and last year as well, in 2009 when we launched our Open Happiness campaign. We are happy to contribute to the UAE’s successful list of Guinness World Records.”
The 250,000 Burn cans used during the Monster truck show were donated to the Emirates Environmental Group. Commenting on the Coca-Cola initiative to recycle all cans crushed during the activity, Habiba Al Marashi, Co-founder and Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) said, “The Coca-Cola family has proved to each of us how large corporate giants can have a lasting effect on the environment. We, at the Emirates Environmental Group, are delighted to be associated with the BURN event where 250,000 aluminium cans are crushed by Coca Cola and sent for recycling.”

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