Umniah Celebrates the Launch of its “Muhafathati” Line with Live Performance by Omar Al Abdullat

Published March 30th, 2008 - 12:11 GMT

Celebrating the launch of its innovative Governorates “Muhafathati” Line service in Kerak, Umniah held an open invitation concert at the Kerak castle on March 29th 2008.

Highlighting the event’s proceedings was a performance given by Umniah’s Brand Ambassador Jordanian singer Omar Al Abdallat. The live concert was attended by over 5000 young Jordanians all of whom listened to songs from the singer’s latest album titled “Omariyyat 2” which was also produced by Umniah.. Also attending the event was the Deputy Governor of Kerak and the Deputy Director of the Kerak Police Force.

Through it’s “Muhafathati” Line, which was launched last week within the governorates of Kerak, Ma’an, Tafileh, and Mafraq, Umniah is now granting users the opportunity to talk with fellow Umniah subscribers anywhere in the kingdom at the reduced cost of 0. 5 piaster per minute. To use this service, Umniah users only need to dial 1331 and then choose the desired governorate.
 “Through the services we launch, we aim to integrate with people from each of Jordan’s governorates. We are further solidifying our partnership with the citizens of Jordan by launching services that respond to their day-to-day communication needs.  Through this event we are not only celebrating the successful launch of our “Muhafathati” Line, however we are also reiterating our long term partnership with Jordanian singer Omar Al Abdallat, and hope to follow up this event with a series of other events to come.”  explained Umniah’s CEO, Mr. Joseph Hanania

Mr. Hanania further stated that this performance is only one of series of events Umniah plans to host throughout the kingdom. “Seeing ourselves as an integral part of the Jordanian community, we at Umniah are always keen on supporting initiatives that promise a better quality of life for Jordanian citizens”., he added.

It is important to note that upon subscribing to this service, citizens of the above-mentioned governorates will also be receiving "Aghanilak" ring back tone (RBT) featuring Omar Abdullat’s song related to their governorate, free of charge for the first month.



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