Israel considering renewing ties with UN Human Rights Council

Published October 24th, 2013 - 10:02 GMT
Israel may end its boycott of the UN’s top human rights forum with which it broke ties in 2012.
Israel may end its boycott of the UN’s top human rights forum with which it broke ties in 2012.

A letter released  by the UN on Friday, reveals Israel's interest in reenweing cooperation with United Nation Council on Human Rights, 

Israel became the first state to boycott the UN rights council, an unprecedented move prompted by a decision last year to establish an international investigation committee on the West Bank . Infuriated by what Israel deemed as "unfair criticism", Israeli representatives refused to show at the UN human rights meeting in Geneva, arguing that  the UN have a particular bias against Israel.  

Realizing the negative consequences of its refusal to cooperate with the review procedure, along with heavy international pressure, induced Israel to ask for the process to be postponed until October. 

In the letter, Eviatar Manor said he wants to engage the head of the UN Human Rights Council “with a view to positively resolve all outstanding issues in Israel’s complex relationship” with the 47-nation body.

 In the next two coming days, the council will attempt to achieve a consensus which would bring Israel back to the UN body.  If the outlined plan for resuming cooperation is not passed, Israel will not appear at the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) where the 193 UN member states have their human rights record reviewed every four years. A process recognized as a vital mechanism for documentating and disencouraging human rights violations around the world .

Reneweing ties with the Human Rights Council and successful implementation of the outlined plan, however, would create positive precedent and earn Israel political rewards for its decision to cooperate. 

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