United Nations Report Proves ASIO Wrong

Published October 23rd, 2009 - 12:40 GMT

The United Nations report on the Gaza conflict has proved ASIO is motivated by politics

and not intelligence gathering, says Asem Judeh, long time human rights activist. He says

ASIO’s claims have been undermined by the 575-page UN Fact Finding Mission on the

Gaza Conflict (the Goldstone Report).


"The Goldstone report demonstrates the absurdity and hypocrisy of condemning Hamas'

Brigades as a terrorist organization, while completely ignoring the extreme terrorism and

provocation by Israel. Remember, the Palestinians are a people without a country, being

constantly subjected to violence, humiliation and the theft of their land."


"Is ASIO an intelligence organization or a political tool?" he asks. "Many of ASIO’s

supposed ‘facts’ are based on the internet sources, which cannot be relied upon." This is not

intelligence, it is politics. ASIO has an important role to get accurate facts to advise the

Attorney-General and Parliament on important issues on security and safety that should

concern all Australians.


"It is not supposed to be affected by politics. It is supposed to analyse politics. But it is clear

that ASIO has been influenced. Consequently we have the absurdity of Hamas's Brigades

being declared a terrorist organization, but the use of extreme forms of terror against civilian

populations in Gaza by Israel, including the use of phosphorous bombs, is ignored. It is the

kind of attitude that gives Israel an excuse to kill Palestinian civilians, destroy their property

and ruin the civilian infrastructure."


Judeh says the Palestinians in Gaza are still suffering from the deprivations and humiliations

of Israel’s collective punitive sanctions imposed in June 2007, which have denied the

Palestinians almost all basic household staples, construction materials to rebuild destroyed

omes and medicines to relieve the pain and suffering of the thousands injured as well as the

acutely and chronically ill. "It is a classic tactic of terrorism: deprive people of their safety and

dignity in order to achieve a political end."


He says the report confirms this. It states that there is evidence of Israel’s intent "to punish,

humiliate and terrorize a civilian population, radically diminish its local economic capacity

both to work and to provide for itself, and to force upon it an ever increasing sense of

dependency and vulnerability."


"Who are the terrorists?" asks Judeh. "No evidence was found of Hamas using its own

people as human shields, but there were numerous incidents cited of Palestinians being

used as human shields by Israeli soldiers."


Judeh says the Goldstone report provides a legal basis for applying the Geneva Conventions

to Israel’s behavior. He says Australia has an obligation to demand that claims of war crimes

against Israel be heard before the International Criminal Court of Justice. "Maybe ASIO can

stop turning a blind eye, start behaving like an intelligence organisaton, and pay attention

to the facts," he says.

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