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1 killed in Qatar building collapse

Published March 23rd, 2023 - 08:55 GMT
Unknown reasons: 1 killed in Qatar building collapse

ALBAWABA - A person was killed in a building collapse in Qatar for reasons that remain unclear.

On Wednesday, Qatari civil defense teams and the competent authorities managed to save the lives of seven people after the collapse of a four-floor residential building in central Doha, according to Qatari Ministry of Interior.

The statement said one person, who was inside the building, was pronounced dead.

أنهيار مبنى مكون من 4 طوابق بالدوحه وتحديداً ( فريج بن درهم ) ورجال الدفاع المدني حفظهم الله تمكنوا من اخراج 7 اشخاص ووفاة احد الساكنين وماتزال الأجهزة المختصة تواصل جهودها للتاكد من عدم وجود اشخاص آخرين وسلامة باقي المباني المُحيطة .....

— ??-?????? ?? (@Qatar4ever8) March 22, 2023

However, the reason for the building collapse has not been disclosed.

There was no word on other survivors, or people being under the rubble.

Circulating video clips exhibited the sound of ambulance and police sirens after the collapse. Some videos also showed parts of the building the moment it collapsed.

تمكنت فرق #الدفاع_المدني والجهات المختصة من انقاذ حياة (7) أشخاص جراء سقوط مبنى سكني مكّون من أربعة طوابق في منطقة بن درهم (وسط الدوحة)، بينما توفي شخص واحد كان من ضمن المتواجدين في المبنى #الداخلية_قطر

— وزارة الداخلية - قطر (@MOI_Qatar) March 22, 2023

Civil Defense and the police cordoned off the site of the collapse, while rescue workers continued to search in the rubble. Residents were asked to leave the area for their own safety.

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