US forces raid Samarra, nab relatives of Saddam deputy

Published January 14th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

U.S. forces raided two homes in the central Iraqi city of Samarra early Wednesday, abducting two nephews of the man suspected of organizing the attacks against occupation troops.  


The American military said the two were suspected of keeping former Iraqi Vice President Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri in hiding.  


Some 49 soldiers raided the two houses after a tip, The AP reported.  


Al-Douri has become the most-wanted member of the former regime after the capture of Saddam Hussein.  


Lt. Col. David J. Poirier, of Chicago, told an Associated Press reporter that they were looking for the nephews in hopes of zeroing in on al-Douri. "One of these days his head will rise up above the water, and we will be able to capture him as well," Poirier said.  


The military said two other nephews were also taken into custody but their connection to the former Iraq's VP, if any, wasn't immediately clear.  


The raid began as the troops poured out of heavily armored Humvees into a Samarra neighborhood, supported by Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles.  


Soldiers climbed over a fence into the garden of a house before gaining entry into a home, capturing three men. One of the Iraqis informed the soldiers of the whereabouts of the second man the U.S. troops were targeting. The troops captured him in a nearby home. (

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