US Paper Says Violence in Palestine a Threat to US Interests

Published October 2nd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A major US paper said Monday that the violence in the West Bank and Gaza can be a threat to the US interests in the region, if Israel’s repression angers oil producing Arab countries, that, in turn, might use the oil weapon to press the world for action. 

“Many Americans may think such violence is too distant and cyclical to care about. But Israel's actions run the risk of angering Saudi Arabia just when that Arab oil giant is trying to bring down and stabilize world oil prices,” said the Christian Science Monitor in its editorial Monday. 

The paper also warned that the confrontations might “prolong a half-century conflict that fans anti-Americanism in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.” 

Arab participants in rallies across the Arab world have burned US flags, alongside with Israeli ones. 

Angry protestors also called on their governments to take action against the atrocities, and freeze all peace efforts. 

The Monitor blamed the bloodbath on the provocative visit by the notorious Likud leader Ariel Sharon to the Haram Al Sharif on Thursday, likening Sharon to a medieval crusader. 

“Almost like a medieval knight in the Crusades, Israeli hardline politician Ariel Sharon - backed up by 1,000 soldiers - swept onto a Muslim holy site in Jerusalem last Thursday.  

This startling visit by a man who led Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon was a forceful reminder of the desire by many Israelis to take full control of what Jews call the Temple Mount (Judaism's holiest site) and what Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary (Islam's third-holiest site,)” it said. 

The paper urged both sides “to foreswear provocation and violence for the peace talks to succeed.” 

The five-day clashes have resulted in the martyrdom of more than 45 Palestinians and Israeli Arabs by Monday evening – 



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