US pushes for UN measures against Syria chemical weapon use

Published March 5th, 2015 - 02:35 GMT

The US is pushing for UN Security Council measures against the Syrian regime for its use of chemical weapons in the conflict, AFP reported Thursday.

A government watchdog confirmed in January the Syrian regime used chlorine gas to attack civilians last year, killing 13. The US followed up by drafting a UN resolution, circulated in the council Wednesday, that calls for sanctions or military force in the event of chemical weapon use, AFP said. 

The draft resolution was signed by the 15 nations in the security council. The UN charter states that in the event of any use of toxic chemical weapons, including chlorine, the UN can call for sanctions or military force. 

US President Barack Obama was criticized in the past for his lack of action on the Syrian regime's chemical attack, especially after Obama had said use of chemical weapons was crossing a "red line." It was before Daesh released the beheading video of American journalist James Foley, motivating the nation to get involved in the conflict and launch airstrikes in Syria. 

Last year witnesses had seen helicopters drop bombs and smelled chlorine, according to AFP. It was unconfirmed until the OPCW concluded chlorine gas had been used in three Syrian villages. 

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