US Vice President Announces Jordan's Participation in IED

Published June 3rd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Staff Writer 

Washington DC 


US Vice President Al Gore announced Thursday with King Abdullah of Jordan the inclusion of Jordan in the Administration's Internet for Economic Development (IED) Initiative, which seeks to maximize digital opportunities and assist countries in closing the digital divide between those who have access to information and communication technologies and those who do not, according to a statement by Gore’s office. 

As an initial step, said the statement, the US Agency for International Development has approved a grant to the Information Technology Association of Jordan to foster development of Jordan's information technology (IT) industry. 

The statement said the grant will promote the development of information technology human resources, education and training, marketing, electronic commerce and e-government. It also will support public-private sector dialogue to promote a policy and regulatory environment that helps the private sector to lead in accelerating the development of Jordan's information and communication technologies sector. 

Jordan's potential in information technology is well recognized, said the release, adding that Jordan’s challenge is to develop this expanding industry in ways that widen the circle of opportunity for its citizens and economy. According to the statement, inclusion in the IED Initiative is designed to: 

- Provide regulatory and technical assistance and training to create an attractive, pro-competitive environment where the development of the IT industry can flourish; 

- Foster development of modern electronic commerce policy and legislation and foster the development of e-government; 

- Provide training to local regulators, entrepreneurs, and government officials; 

- Foster investment promotion efforts for the IT industry; and 

- Assist Jordan in optimizing the telecommunications, transportation, customs and delivery services networks that facilitate e-commerce. 

Jordan will become the 13th country to participate in the Clinton-Gore Administration’s IED Initiative – 


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