VENETIAN OPTOSEAL® GUARD”, a specific, innovative solution

Published October 15th, 2009 - 03:42 GMT

A Global Leader in Document Security and associated Systems, Hologram. Industries has developed a secure holographic laminate that combines optical, chemical and industrial technologies in order to guarantee Identity document authentication and optimal protection against counterfeiting.
The laminate is perfectly adapted to protect ID Cards in PVC, Melinex and other hybrid substrates, which are personalized on the surface.
This new Solution, an alternative to HRI (High Refractive Index) technology, has been optimised, providing exceptional results in terms of design and bounding quality.

What are the product’s specifics?

This thick laminate (OPTOSEAL® GUARD solution at 12µm) makes it possible to protect variable data for long-lasting applications thanks to its high resistance to abrasion.

Bounding performance is unmatched for this kind of cards, particularly resistant to immersion in ambient water for a 4-day period, to immersion in a solution of synthetic acid and basic sweat for a 24-hour period, to immersion in a 5% saline solution for a 24-hour period, and to exposure to high temperatures (65°C), all without coming unstuck.
The combination of Visual Security Designs and optical, chemical and industrial technologies provides extreme protection for personalized datas, using metallic and semi-transparent elements (a new, instantly identifiable design that especially protects the photographic area, as well as a silver and golden metallic appearance).
A transparent hologram facilitates recognition and visual control, displaying intense colors, while at the same time ensuring all personalized information is fully legible. It features an achromatic effect with positive/negative switchover, for extra safeguarding against counterfeiting.
With a wide-angle ALPHAGRAM® animation, combined with fine metallic lines, it provides extremely reliable authentication and good control ergonomics. 

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