Video Shows Israeli Settlers Throw Rocks at West Bank Palestinians While Soldiers Watch

Published September 3rd, 2018 - 08:48 GMT
Israeli Soldiers (Twitter)
Israeli Soldiers (Twitter)

A new video taken by a human rights group shows Israelis hurling stones at a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank in the presence of troops.

Israeli rights organization Yesh Din filmed a group of 15 settlers attacking a house on the outskirts of Burin south of Nablus on Saturday while soldiers stood nearby and looked on.

Palestinian reports said the attackers originated from Givat Ronen outpost, which is located near the settlement of Yitzhar. Local residents said some 18 olive trees had also been cut down in the village.



The attack is not the first of its kind, with Israel's Haaretz newspaper reporting that the past year had witnessed several such incidents during which settlers attacked Palestinians or activists under the protection of troops.

Last month, at least ten Israeli settlers physically assaulted four activists from the anti-occupation Ta'ayush organization in the South Hebron Hills and threw them to the ground while they were documenting illegal construction at Mitzpe Yair outpost.

A video released last month also showed an Israeli soldier attacking an activist from Ta'ayush in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli rights group B'Tselem released the video showing the soldier taking pictures of the activists who had gathered near the settlement of Pnei Hever to help Palestinians tend to their orchards and plow their land.

The soldier suddenly hit one of the activists who was filming him with his camera. In another footage, the Israeli soldier was seen hitting the activist in the shoulder.

In recent months, several videos have gone viral online in which Israeli troops have been caught on camera killing Palestinians in cold blood and sparking condemnations.

Back in June, a controversial Israeli bill, which criminalizes any photographing, recording or filming of the regime’s soldiers while on duty, passed its first reading in the Israeli parliament.

Under the measure, those found photographing, recording or filming Israeli troops “with the intention of undermining the spirit” of the army “shall be liable to five years of imprisonment” and those “intending to harm Israel’s security" could be given 10 years in jail.

It also prohibits the publication of photos or video content in the media or social networks.

Critics say the draft law hides military abuses, harms freedom of the press and grants legitimacy to the Israeli occupation to commit more crimes.


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