Viral: Israeli 'Normalizer' Fajr Al Saeed Abysmally Loses in Kuwaiti Polls

Published October 1st, 2022 - 11:58 GMT
Fajr Al Saeed
Fajr Al Saeed (twitter)

ALBAWABA - Controversial Kuwaiti media personality Fajr Al Saeed, who visited Israel once and called for open normalization with the Jewish state, fought the last Kuwaiti elections and lost abysmally. 

The social media is buzzing with tweets and retweets about her "victory"; she only got 433 votes far below what she expected. Bloggers are gloating because she once said that the majority of Arab people are for normalization with Israel and they serve as the "silent majority". They said the "small" votes she got clearly shows how wrong she is. 

Her name is riding here on the social platforms to the extent different hashtags are trending including ( #انتخابات_مجلس_2022 #فجر_السعيد #التطبيع) and more. It is even pointed out her uncle made a fireworks display outside his house in celebration of her loss in the last parliamentary elections.  

Kuwait strongly refuses to normalize with Israel. Its leaders and officials constantly stated that, and it has refused to take that step especially when the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco normalised with the Jewish state in late 2020 under then US president Donald Trump. 

Bloggers have said Fajr Al Saeed clearly only represents herself and that the "silent majority" remains very small. 



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